How To Build Out Your Real Estate Marketing Funnel

When it comes to real estate marketing, the advice you hear is that you need to constantly be building new lead generation sources into your existing funnel.

But what’s that mean?

Here’s a quick example:

Basically: You need to build incoming sources of traffic and leads for every aspect of your business.

Do you need a bigger brand awareness?

Then you need to build up seller leads (3)This can be done through retargeting like Jed talks about. Or you can start by niching down and building a brand around your love of dogs. You can be the agent that sponsors the local dog shelter.

And tie everything from new leads to referrals back to donations to your local dog shelter.

Think of how much they would promote you if you gave steady donations to them!

Adwerx is really good at building brand awareness. Here are a few articles by them to help you build a stronger brand:

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How To Convert More Leads Into Buyers:

When it comes to converting the leads you have, it’s all about building up trust with your prospects. One of the best ways to do this is with your website’s blog.

Finally, Tips For Getting More Referrals:

The life blood of most top producers is their giant referral network. The best way to grow this is through focusing on getting more referrals.

One of the best ways to do this is by staying in touch via email after the sale.

Everyone always talks about niching down in real estate because it will help you get leads.

Well guess what? It also helps you get referrals.

Here’s why:

You need some reason to stay in touch with that client after the sale. And that past client does NOT want to hear about real estate. And they don’t want to hear you asking for referrals.

But, if you have something in common with them, like dogs…or sports…or past occupation…or preferred part of town…

You can stay in touch and engage them a lot easier.

Here’s how:

I love dogs. And so I’m willing to donate $100 per transaction to the local dog shelter.

This gives me something to talk about with all of my past clients via email.

I can send emails like this:

I also know that I can send that person a dog related gift around the holidays. And that I can get them a gift card to the local pet store around their birthday.

I can also attend all the events related to dogs in my area and mention I’m a real estate agent to everyone without feeling awkward.

Think about it.

Every part of your followup system is easier if you’re doing business with people that share a common interest with you.

This is the best way to get referrals.



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