How To Get $2.00 Motivated Seller Leads With YouTube Ads!

Have you ever tried to watch a video on YouTube and seen an annoying ad before your video? I guarantee you have. Well today, I’m going to show you how to create your own useful video ad and turn it into motivated seller leads.

Let’s break down these 3 simple steps:

Step 1) Creating A Video That Piques Interest (And Is Easy To Make)

The first thing I did was make a video for my ad. YouTube will show up to 30 seconds of your video…so you need to keep things short.

Here’s the thing:

Most of these ads on YouTube are highly produced and for national brands. Right?

So, the easiest way to stand out is by doing the opposite of that.  When it comes to advertising, my video was going to play before someone was able to watch that cute dog video (click to see cute dogs & an ad) they actually came to YouTube to see.

My goal was to make a YouTube video that was obviously not a national brand and not over produced.

Why? It will get more attention because people are so used to seeing proper advertising.

The real estate market is flooded with buyers in most places right now. It’s hard to find listings!

So, I’m able to let home owners in on a massive secret that’s worth a lot to them.

AKA: Their home is worth more money than it has been worth in a looooooooooooong time.

That’s it. You can easily stir up the ‘greed’ emotion while also hitting the ‘fear of missing out’ emotion. This is a great combo to attack when advertising.

Here’s a script you can use:

psssst…Chicago people. I have 30 buyers looking for Chicago homes. Home prices are up as high as they have been since 2008. Click the link below if you’re even A LITTLE TINY Einy Wincy bit curious as to how much YOU could GET for your home. You’ll get a free report. Seriously, I know you’re a tiny bit curious. So just do it now. I’ll wait. [WAIT FOR A LONG TIME] GO BLACKHAWKS! Have a good one! Nick

I recorded this video with QuickTime for Mac (It’s free). And then uploaded it to YouTube. I only did one take.
You can do this too! Go do it!

Step 1.5) Setting Up The YouTube Ads

Here’s how to setup the ad on YouTube:  This gets “semi-technical.” But I break down the 3 screens you’ll need to copy from me below.

Create a new campaign for your video in Google Adwords:

Setup Your Location Targeting And Daily Budget On The Next Screen:

That’s it! It’s 3 simple steps to get your YouTube video showing up in front of the videos of people in your area. 

Step 2) Use Your Website To Actually Convert The Clicks Into Leads

Here’s the thing:

You can use a Placester website or Website Box Site.

Ideally, you will need dual capture seller landing pages that come built into the complete website you get.

That means we capture the lead’s address and email address first. And pass that information onto your CRM.

Then, if the website visitor enters more information in later, you can update that contact record.

This gives you the ability to research the address online; and get their additional contact information.

Here’s the seller home valuation landing page I’ve seen used for theYouTube Ads: 

After they enter that information, we then show them a page like this:

Let’s recap how to setup this campaign on YouTube:

(Print this action list)

  1. Create a quick Face-to-Camera video using the script above
  2. Upload it to YouTube
  3. Setup a YouTube In-Stream Ad using the above formula
  4. Link the Ad to your Seller landing page
  5. Followup with your leads In your CRM

What do you think?

Are you going to setup video ads for people on YouTube in your area?

Do you have any questions on parts of this entire process? Let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter. I’ll answer the questions that come up in a timely manner.



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