Swipe 20 Luxury Buyer Leads Per Month From Home Builders

Question: In a world where all your website traffic is crucial. From your IDX registration prompt, is it best to have the user have to register to see the property details or have a choice to register or not. The concern I have with a “forced” sign up is turning away potential clients.

Answer: Nick, You’re focusing on the wrong side of the equation.

Here’s the thing:

You want leads that turn into clients. NOT a bunch of tire kickers. Right?

I’m going to show you a way that is predictably generating 20+ leads per month.The most important thing about these leads is that they have some form of trust in your abilities.

Trust is why every buyer and seller is having you help them with their real estate transactions.

Clients used to use agents because they held the keys to the MLS books. But that’s not the case anymore. People can view listings for free online all the time.

What’s Happened In Real Estate In The Last 20 Years:

SO: How Do You Get 20+ Leads Per Month (FOR FREE) That Trust You???


You want to give visitors more valuable content in exchange for their contact information.

Here’s what that looks like:

Step 1) Go to Google Drive & Create A Document For A Specific Neighborhood Of The Top Places 

I used Yelp to get this information and Great Schools for awesome school insight.

Notice the light branding I used on the document to make sure the person is recognizing my face and phone number. This will help down the road when it comes to converting that lead. I’m just using the image/phone number we make for all clients who get LeadSites.

Here’s a sneak peek:

OK, Now You Have Your Give Away That Gives WAY More Value Than Just Letting People Look At Listings

Step 2) Setup A Free Download Above Your Listings:

After I have my free guide setup in Google Drive (that should only take 10-15 minutes…), you then want to put that download on your page.

The key here is to capture leads for the download instead of for the IDX. Here’s what I recommend, contact your web designer if you don’t have something like this already!:

This page does wonders for building up your trust as the local expert. You’re able to express your knowledge of a location they are interested in. And give value through the PDF download in exchange for lead information.

It’s not that IDX leads are ‘bad.’ You just are starting the relationship off in a different place. IDX information simply isn’t as useful as a quick local guide to the area.

Step 3) Getting Traffic To Get The Leads

Ok, so you now have a page that’s providing a TON of value.

But, where’s the traffic going to come from?

One of the easiest ways to get traffic online is to make pages on your website for locations in town that don’t have an established internet presence.

Here’s a quick way to find those:

Tactic 1) Go To A Local Builder Website:

This builder will have several communities they’ve built homes in. For those of you in big cities, look for condo developments.

You then want to Google all of these communities names….

I’ll wait here while you go do this to find a GREAT keyword

Here’s an example:

Tactic 2) Google These Communities & Find One Without Zillow On Page 1

Next, you’ll want to Google all of these communities and find one where Zillow isn’t on Page 1.

Why Zillow?

Because, they are the biggest. If they aren’t ranking on page one, none of the other portals are aware of the community either. And you’ll be able to get to page one in a hurry. Most of the time…you can get there in under 1 month! :)


Tactic 3) Create The “Free Guide” And Neighborhood Page Seen Above

Now, you simply use the neighborhood tactic that we started with to get on Page One for this neighborhood.

This tactic works really well for neighborhoods that are new to about 10 years old. Plus, if you can rank now, those rankings will stay with your for a long time. You’ll get plenty of leads 4-10 years down the road.

Implement this today! And let me know the results.



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