Things To Avoid When Decorating Your Home

Your home is your own personal space and it should be tastefully furnished and decorated according to your own taste. Residential properties are easier to decorate because there is a wide variety of items you could choose from to have in your home. Generally, you are free to have the kind of décor that will make you happy and that will make your home comfortable. However, there are some basic points that will help you to arrange your interior décor in a way that will perfect the style you already have. Here are some tips to avoid when you are doing your décor:

  • Do not have all the seats against the wall. This may make the room look a little hollow, with a large open space in the middle. Pull your furniture away from the wall so that it gives a cozier homely look. It will also help your living room to look sufficiently furnished with no empty spots.
  • Avoid putting several small photos and other small items together in one place. This looks very outdated and and lacks style. Instead, put the pictures onto one big frame and arrange them in order. Alternatively, you could choose a few larger pictures and a few items to display. It gives a classier look.
  • Make sure you don’t overlook decorating the entrance to your house. The entrance area is important because it gives people the very first impression to your house, so it’s best to make sure your put in beautiful extras to make it look inviting and stylish.
  • Try not to put the same color of seats for all the furniture in your living room. It’s fresher and more exciting to mix and match different colors and designs when choosing furniture, as long as it doesn’t end up looking too busy. You can also change one piece of furniture without having to change the whole set as would be the case if everything was matching.
  • If you are going to display some art work on your walls, make sure you don’t hang them too high. The paintings on your walls should be easy to see, after all that’s why you have them hanged on your wall. They should be at a level where your guests can admire them easily.
  • Try not to have fake flowers. They tend to take the class out of your living room and they look as unreal as they are. Replace fake flowers with fresh ones; these add life to the room and some natural beauty.

Avoid all these points and enjoy having some beautiful, well-balanced interior décor in your house!



Andrew Thompson is passionate about interior décor, especially for residential houses. He has many years of experience in consulting for various clients around the world. This includes advising clients for residential projects in Matunga, Mumbai.



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